In July 2018 I was out with a friend walking our dogs, when I saw Miles doing a training session with a client. I said to my friend...maybe I should try something like that. After a little bit of encouragement I rudely interrupted the session to ask Miles for his business card, and then went straight home and sent Miles an email.

It was the best decision I ever made. I had tried so many times to lose weight previously, and talked about needing to lose weight even more, but with Miles I am finally managing it. I started PT with Miles in August 2018 and less than 4 months later I am 17kg lighter and feeling so much healthier and happier.

I have a weekly PT session and in addition to this Miles gives me exercises to do at home as well as a running programme (with polite reminders when I haven’t sent evidence of a run in a couple of days!). At the beginning I could only manage a 0.5 mile run, but last week I managed a 5.9 mile run, which I never imagined would be possible.

Miles has got me to completely change my eating habits. He had so much patience at the beginning when I would text complaining. He gave me advice on good food that would fill me up and as he promised, it didn’t take that long for the new way of eating to become the new normal. 

I still have a long way to go before I get to my goal weight but I can’t think of anyone better than Miles to help me get there. Miles is full of encouragement, both during sessions and almost daily on WhatsApp, has all the knowledge on healthy eating and weight loss and is a professional, friendly and effective personal trainer. 

Thanks Miles!

Claire Newitt.


Hello everyone, 
My name is Jon and I’m 48 years old, around Xmas time 2017 I decided to do something about my weight and lifestyle. 
I was on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes which are all related to my weight and lifestyle. 
I had tried various diets,the gym and all the usual things over the years. I felt that I needed a bit of help and encouragement to get me moving in the right direction, therefore decided to look for a personal trainer, looked online checked out a few profiles of PT’s and spoke to a couple in an attempt to get a feel for hopefully the right person, but being nearly 22st I obviously was no expert. 

I contacted and spoke to Miles in early January, he suggested that we meet and have a chat about how best to approach my weight and lifestyle. 

We had our first session on January the 12th and I’m pleased to say that by mid September some 8 months later I have lost 8 and half stone, ditched all my medication as I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. 

In this period I have been to Spain 8 times for varying trips & holidays, so anyone reading this thinking you must have eaten or drunk nothing in the last few months, please think again. 

Miles started me on the correct path from a nutrition and diet perspective and quite simply I followed his plan and guidance ( well mostly ;). 

I honestly thought at the start of the process that if I lost 5 stone I would be amazed, Miles has given me the right advice and encouragement to go further every step of the way. 

I would say to anyone that is serious about changing your lifestyle and potentially extending your life then please talk to miles has I wouldn’t have done this without him and I will always be grateful for what he has done for me, you could be too!!!

Jon Gower. 48yrs.


"Chance meeting that changed my life.
Instead of hitting the gym one day, I decided to go for a walk through Upminster. As I walked, I wondered how you would find a trainer who wasn't part of my gym. Fate was clearly on my side, because 10 mins later Miles thrust a flyer into my hand.

Miles has completely turned my life around, in a very subtle way. I don't do army men shouting at me, I get fed up & defeatist & I'm incredibly stubborn.  He’s not your usual PT, he has own his own story of getting fit, shows great knowledge around fitness and diet and without you realising, nudges you in the right direction.

In the twelve weeks of working with Miles, I’ve gone from not running to running 4 miles; lost two stone and now feel grumpy on days when I don’t work out.  His approach is holistic and he has got me to a point where I am carb free during the week, something I didn’t think an Irish vegetarian could do!  With his ever growing quantities of equipment, he mixes the sessions up and tailors them to suit you. Having achieved my initial goal, Miles had made me believe that I can go even further.  I would recommend working with Miles to anyone whether it’s to build strength or lose weight and change your dietary habits."
Cliodhna Puirseil, Teacher. Upminster.


I was apprehensive when Miles suggested Weightlifting but after explaining the benefits of it I decided to give it a go. I'm so pleased I did as I really enjoy it and look forward to my sessions. I can definitely see and feel the benefits of it as my body is becoming more toned & defined!! Love His no nonsense approach to training and nutrition - and the support & motivation for lifestyle habits outside of our sessions is what separates Miles from other PTs I've had, and keeps me motivated and on track! 
Alannah Lloyd. Researcher. Essex.


I had been thinking for a while that I really needed to do something about my  fitness and weight, just by chance  I saw an article in a local magazine about personal trainers and there was a picture of Miles. I thought its now or never so I made contact and now after 25 sessions I have lost 3 stone, my fitness has vastly improved and I feel so much healthier overall.

The combination of the exercise and the eating plan has transformed me I wont make out it was easy, especially to start with,  but Miles is encouraging and supportive and will come up with tailored suggestions and exercise routines. I am doing things I never thought I would be doing from running and hill sprints to lifting weights and boxing.   I can look back now to where I started and see how far I have come which is thanks to the support and patience of Miles who  has a knack of knowing how far to push me and what I can actually achieve, despite my moans and comments saying  ‘I could never do that’ .

I would highly recommend Miles to anyone who wants to improve their fitness even  if like me when I started you are no spring chicken, overweight and the most exercise you do is getting up to put the kettle on to make a cuppa.  If you want to make the change help is out there!

Suzanne. Upminster.

I’ve been training with Miles since late October last year. Having grown tired of doing the same exercises at the gym and feeling a lack of motivation & self-belief I needed to change my approach. Miles has helped me find that spark again.  

I’m feeling fitter than I have done in months, he manages to keep sessions fun but first and foremost challenging which results in thorough workouts each time.

His tips on nutrition, an area that I severely lacked knowledge have been are excellent and I now understand the errors in my previous ways. Aside from the training sessions, meal times have dramatically improved and I’m enjoying the preparation that comes with it.

Ultimately his dedication to helping is clear. Miles has given me the confidence to push myself further and I actually look forward to working out now – I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Tom Gillings. Advertising. Hutton.



Miles strikes a great balance between being tough but motivational. We worked on my core fitness and strength as well as giving me a diet to follow that helped me loose just over 5kg in three weeks. He also sets goals that are tough but achievable that have made me change my habits not just over the course of my training with him, but have shifted them for the long term. 
Culum Simpson. Post Production, Shoreditch.


Testimonial - (used for nutrition only):

Dear Miles,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and advise on my dietary and nutritional needs, in just one month following your advice I have lost almost 1kilo per week and a total of just over 4.5 kilos for the month, and strangely enough I have been eating more food than I usually do, just better types. I must say I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, family and business contacts for your professional advice and help.

Kindest Regards,
Jamie Hart
JJ commercial vehicle specialist ltd