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Don't Be Afraid Of The Circus

According to legend, Mithridates IV, King of Pontus in Asia Minor 135-63 BC – known as Rome’s most successful enemy, got himself some protection against poisoning by ingesting sub-lethal doses of toxic material in progressively large quantities. This immunity got him into trouble later as he attempted to take his own life by poisoning, but failed having fortified himself against the drugs of others.

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To HIIT or not to HIIT

My parents are steady drinkers they drink most days, it’s their generation, they have a six pm drink, Mum- vodka, Dad-whisky, wine with the evening meal, and sometimes a nightcap.
My generation think that’s weird & pointless, often abstaining from alcohol until a day in the week when they go… out out. It can be any day really, but often a Thursday and Saturday where they will drink everything their stomachs and wallets allow them to - lager, wine, spirits, shots…..the works, and they will not stop until they pass out, are asked to leave, or the body rejects it all through the mouth.

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