My name is Miles Kempton and one of the main reasons i became a trainer was that i wanted to find out the truth about the science behind strength and conditioning, nutrition & weight loss and to separate fact from fiction. 

In my previous job, as a sound designer, i would constantly hear clients behind me talking about the latest fads and buzz words like "dont eat anything after 6pm", "grapefruit and green tea literally melt fat", "its all about german volume training", "im on the baby food diet!" There is so much information out there, and unfortunately to go along with that so much confusion too.

It's no surprise when there are headlines that are splashed all over the papers and on the internet telling us one minute that a certain food is a superfood, and the next minute that it causes cancer. But these cherry-picked statements are more often than not taken out of context, embellished, exaggerated, and are unproven & scarcely researched in the environment that they are being plugged. For example, an experiment in a laboratory that finds powerful anti-inflammatory effects on compounds in curcumin, which is an active ingredient in turmeric (indian spice), doesn't mean that eating a curry everyday is going to be good for you!

This pursuit to separate fact from fiction in all areas of fitness, led me to take further study after becoming a personal trainer in the areas of Strength and Conditioning, and Corrective Exercise, so i could inspire and teach all my clients what i know and trust to be reliable current information from credible sources! The aforementioned areas have allowed me to work with a multitude of abilities in and out of sport specific environments. Current athletes i'm working with are in the fields of rugby, and boxing - the latter i still compete in, which means i practice a lot of what i preach in relation to strength work, plyometrics, agility, running, bodyweight exercises, circuit training, and pad work.

My programmes combine the best current scientific advice in exercise and nutrition, and are tailored to work with your lifestyle. I also believe in making sure all the information i pass on has some real-world application, and isn't just a theory on a piece of paper. Which is why in order to personally identify with and motivate my clients, most of the ideas and approaches i advise have been tested and tried by myself.

I tried a simple diet and exercise regime on myself whilst holding down a full time job in London, and i lost three stone in four and half months. Being a personal trainer, i can help people reach their goals however big or small they are, because with a little bit of hard work and dedication they can easily be acheived without having to live like a monk. 

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