Hello, and welcome to my site! My name is Miles Kempton and I specialise in weight loss and sports performance. I'm a Level 4 Personal Trainer in advanced weight management, and also a Chek Practitioner with a studio in Upminster. I also run a fully mobile service training clients in their homes and gardens. My qualifications and experience span across various fields, which also involve holistic lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise, and rehabbing clients through injury, as well as working with people, and having great success with putting type 2 diabetes in remission, obesity, and multiple sclerosis. Am a strength and conditioning coach for a rugby team and work with clients and athletes involved in a variety of sports including: golf, boxing, weightlifting, hockey, cycling, triathlons, and horse-riding. 

The person in the photo below right, on the right of the other two, was me in my former life when I used to have a full time job as a Sound Engineer in Soho.

Click to enlarge (actually don't ;) - that was me on the right - overweight.

I, like most people, enjoy a drink, and all foods that most health practitioners would put on the banned list, and back then without realizing it the busy months and years had flown by and I had become overweight, as certain lifestyle choices had slowly crept up on me. I decided to turn it around and developed a simple diet and exercise programme for myself, whilst still holding down my full time job in London, and I lost over three stone in four and a bit months. 

Becoming a trainer and coach after struggling with common weight and lifestyle habits - makes me empathise, and understand the time difficulties and pressures that my clients have when trying to lose weight and do the same. We all tell ourselves excuses like "I'm not in my twenties anymore", "I would be slim if I didn't have kids", "I'm just too busy to put in the time that's needed" - so I love being able to help clients reach their goals, however big or small they are, because with a little bit of hard work and dedication, they can easily be achieved without having to live like a monk, or spend all day doing it.

Jon, who lost 7.6 stone in 6 months

Jon, who lost 7.6 stone in 6 months

95% of my clients have gym memberships but hire me to work at their homes or locally when time is short, or to work on areas and pieces of equipment that they don't feel comfortable doing in a busy gym environment.
Online coaching and training on Skype & Facetime.

On the left this is a picture of my client Jon: Who lost 8.7 stone in 8 months with me, and came off all his 6 pills and medication for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Suzanne, lost 4 stone “Ladies Who Lift”

Suzanne, lost 4 stone “Ladies Who Lift”

This is my client Suzanne who joined my ‘Ladies Who Lift’ programme and lost 4 stone in the process whilst lifting her own bodyweight off the floor in the deadlift at age 53! (Age after all is just a number, and the benefits of strength training at any age are numerous and unparalleled.)

I’m also fully DBS checked and work with children and teenagers of both sexes - training them in weightlifting and boxing to build confidence and improve their strength and stamina.


Recently, enjoyed being interviewed live on the radio answering various female health related topics, like: hormonal disruption that causes gluteofemoral (muffin top) fat accumulation. How to get abs to show, the problem with current diet trends and how to make lifestyle changes to combat them.