Whether you have come to my website for weight loss, sports performance, body transformation, or just to future proof yourself against old age and improve health - they all require you to address the same areas. These are what I call the 6 foundation principles, that you need to get right, and do well:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Move
  • Hydrate
  • Think
  • Breathe

When these are done well, it creates an environment in the body that is pro-health and maximizes your chances of recovery, growth and optimal performance. The methods I use are not new and fad ideas, but old school tried-and-tested systems that have been studied and used effectively for decades. The fitness industry is riddled with misinformation, myths and people trying to sell us new products and workouts where the saying ‘old wine in new bottles’ couldn’t be truer. If there was a magic pill, juice, workout or formula that could achieve significant change with minimal effort in minimal time then that product will have ruled the world by now, and I would be taking and selling it!

The fitness industry at the moment seems to have compartmentalised itself - People are either lifting weights at a gym, running outside with Parkrun or a local run club, or there are the devotees doing just yoga or pilates. For an optimal functional body and all round conditioning you need to address more than one component, and the benefits of using 1-1 personal training is that we cover all those areas involved, and make sure that you not only develop your strengths, but more importantly upgrade your weaknesses.

Once you get down to the meat and bones underneath most client goals of “I want to get healthier & fitter” the bottom line is that the majority of people want to change their physique, but either no one really knows how to achieve it, has unrealistic expectations of what is required, or has simply got lost along the way. I can get you back on track and show you how the professionals have been doing it for years. But remember significant change without significant effort and sacrifice is a fitness myth perpetuated by people trying to sell you something. 

As Ori Hofmekler says: “Fitness cannot and should not be about looking better in the mirror or adding muscle for the beach, or losing body fat to attract members of the opposite sex. Fitness-related endeavours and efforts should be directed towards creating a functional body, one with enhanced survival skills – as a species we are degrading and degenerating.”

There’s no point looking ripped and toned but you can’t run after a bus or climb a flight of stairs without looking beetroot and gasping for air. These days with being deskbound and glued to laptops and mobile devices the majority of us have posture related issues and muscles screaming to be stretched and strengthened.

To really be the best we can be, and to look after ourselves going into later life, we should be lifting weights in a certain way, performing cardiovascular exercise, stretching and keeping mobile, and eating with precision and discipline. Then muscles will grow, your heart, organ function and metabolism will improve, your posture will be maintained, and stored body fat will be oxidised. Put all those modes together and the body must reconfigure itself. We want to be the best we can be, so we can carry on being active, and doing the things we like doing into our later years!

So get in touch and let’s get serious about getting fit, strong, and healthy.