Most of the myths and misinformation in the health industry comes from the nutrition sector. Everyone seems to think they are a nutritionist, and with popular newspapers regulary printing articles claiming one food group can cure cancer in a mouthful, its easy to see how this misinformation spreads.

Everyone knows nutrition is incredibly important when it comes to health and fitness, losing weight, and building muscle. So, for those who want it, i ask clients to fill out a weeks food diary after our initial consultation. I then analyse it and make some tweaks and suggstions where necessary, and can create some food plans to tie in with the work out and exercise programmes that are being created specifically for you.

Like with most things health and fitness related, you have to plan things with your client on an individual basis. Nutrition is no exception and although everyone needs the same vitamins and minerals to allow the body to function and repair itself, these vitamins and minerals can come from different food sources depending on the client's tastes and preference. There should be no "one diet" fits all approach, and its also important to factor in days to feed the soul - cheat meals to eat and drink whatever you want.

One quote i will use is that "you can't out run a bad diet". However with a bit forward planning, common sense and with a few cheat meals thrown in, coupled with some exercise you can get great results. I can speak from experience as i lost 3 stone in under 5 months with some dietary changes and exercise. After analysing your food diary, we may find that there are only minor tweaks needed like changing portion size, or decreasing by half the amount of certain food groups instead of taking them out or substituting them at all.